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Home Front War Relief Image

Home Front War Relief

The Salvation Army has a long history of serving military personnel, dating back to 1899.

The Salvation Army Home Front War Relief


Home Front War relief strives to meet the needs of military personnel and/or their dependents with financial assistance. The Salvation Army recognizes that oftentimes the battle and struggles are not limited to the warfront - sometimes they can hit home. This assistance is designed to relieve some stress of the burdens military personnel and their dependents face on the home front. 


- Financial assistance (checks sent directly to vendors).

- Referral to other community resources for on-going support and counseling when needed and appropriate. 



- Military personnel and/or dependents of deployed military personnel (including very recently returned) will be eligible for services. 

- Serving all branches of the military and all era veterans.

- Documentation of specific request for assistance (e.g. statement or billing invoice); or self-declaration of need when documentation is not available (e.g. food requests). 

- Live in Oregon or Southern Washington (Vancouver vicinity)

A soldier in need

Ann from Salem, Oregon served proudly in Iraq. Upon her return, she unexpectedly became the sole financial supporter of a young child. Alone, Ann struggled to pay for day care expenses, a car payment and other household expenses on her insufficient single parent wages. Home Front War Relief donate $980.80 to cover day care and other living expenses in order to help her get back on her feet financially.

We serve all branches of the military and all generations.